Everything I Learned I Learned From My Pets

Monday, October 30, 2006

This is my final one, and I 'm even a little sad about it.
The learning was very tough for me, but that is a good thing because it also valuable to know.
I was amazed at Wiki's and YouTube, I really like the videos as long as an animal doesn't get hurt. The Wikis I think would be a great thing for hard to find family names or even members.
Yes, I learned but thankfully with Lydia's help. I am going to try a family name and see what response I get with it on a WIki. Will this information be of use on the job or within the library?
Yes, it is an information age and computers are the mass media of information. Patrons will be asking for more training and so library staff must keep up. I am pleased that it will be so easy to download books, I thought it would be really involved. The only problem is I have dial-up at home. Well thank you Helene for the great incentive and helping me get help.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

I have to say that this was a really fun site. I found Black Beauty and downloaded it. I was real surprized at how easy it was to download. Although I have dial up at my house ( I'm cheap) and it would have taken 6 hours to download. I was alao amazed at the variety of titles and subjects.
I was glad there was a shorter radio version 6 min. to download. Would I use in the future? YES!
Well I think this si my last one and I'm kinda sad, it is like going on a trip and now you have to go home. Have I learned?? You bet.


Friday, October 27, 2006

Well I can't believe there are only 2 posts left LOL! I guess I need a new bloger name because as my son points out, you don't see too many animals driving care or using computers. I let myself get overwhelmed with the Learning that I just stopped. Then when I actually saw people enjoying their players and talking about all the neat things they were doing I got mad at myself.
That is when I e-mailed you hoping for a kick start. Thanks for extending the time because I would have missed a great experience. I decided To do the last one now because I need guidance to make sure I do it right. I've been home today sick so I felt I had to do one at least. LOL!
There is a wealth of information out there, and you must pick and choose to get the truth, but what fun looking!!! Libraries are going to have to stay current or perhaps Ray Bradbury's book, Farenheit 51 might occur. Yes I feel we must keep hard copies of our treasure of literature. One source is dangerous. Anyways I had a great time and will keep on truckin on that vast information rainbow, the net.

Thanks For Helping,

Cathy Fletcher

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I think video podcasts are really neat, but there are things you have to look out for when downloading them. The one thing I didn't like that was on Podcasts.net was the fact there was no time stated to let you know how long you had to wait for the download. On the YAHOO, it was right there at bottom. I understand podcasts as being a series of sorts, and a video podcast is still a podcast with a video.

Shrimp On A Treadmill

This is what I meant about animal abuse in my earlier blog post.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Well here I am on number 19!! Thanks to help of Lydia. I explored the Campfire site, but didn't care for it. I then went to YouTube and it was full of videos and bloggings that several people had responded to after viewing . I guess what I object to that it seems there are very little controls on material content. This bothers me because it may encourage some to make a bizarre video at the cost of the animal.


This is like my Grand Dog, cute but dog had trust issues.
I'm not being totally humerous, but it is intimidating to realize how little you know with the investment of a couple of thousand dollars sitting at home. I will now be a bit braver in discovering new features. I first typed this into ZOHO, but there seemed to be a problem with my password. I do get the idea however.

The Wiki allows a higher concentration of people to collaborate on the subject. In fact it is much higher then blogging. I like the idea of a area to play is very good idea to help people to acquaint themselves to Wikiks. Like the name suggests, quick, quick.


Sunday, October 22, 2006

There are many profound changes happening within libraries as a whole. As it was pointed out in the article, Into New World of Librarianship, "library is human." This makes the library a social center in which people can still learn. In the article Icebergs, it states that libraries of today need to take responsibility of helping people over the obstructions of getting information. That it is basically a waste of energy to just teach the methods of research. They need the skills of computer technology to get their information.
My thoughts are that as a library must learn to change and evolve into what the people want, there is a very real need to keep a hard copy of important information. Such as history for an example. I have a fear of turning all print into computer discs. Such as in Icebergs , where it says it doesn't need to hang onto print materials. Our basic freedom from censorship could be lost. Besides I think people for the most part still want and like a physical book in their hands. It is true that libraries were about the only information spot for the masses, but now it is virtually in most homes a finger tip away. The future will need librarians that are savy on many current subjects, including books and offering more programs on subjects needed by their communities.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

I used the information Wikipedia while I was in school. I had no idea on this one either of its capabilities. To be able to take a subject and throw it out to perhaps thousands of people to collaborate on it is fantastic. I think this would be a wonderful way to be able to research a family name. Especially one that you don't have much information on to help fill in gaps.
Technorati is another wonder among all this technology. I can imagine using this tool if I were researching a book or needed extended in depth information on a subject. I feel as though the tags define and refine the blog by its subject.

Oh Boy!!! I like the idea of being able to put my books in order and even review them. I can also read what others think of the books. It also gives you a link to other people who have the same taste in literature that I have. When I put my books in I was amazed at the number of people I had on the side to contact.Cathy